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News Update from Fiji

Warm greetings from the old capital of Fiji!

Firstly, my hearty congratulations to the Admin Team, Fataiekuasi, for the great initiative in orchestrating this new site! It's a timely investment as we seem to be scattered on the net. My humble view is that there should be one major site for the family to collect, store, inform, and share with the rest of the families and relatives what's happening within and around the family. I don't want to discourage those who have teamed up to start on Bebo, etc but a standard site for all the family members is the ideal way to go.

I suppose the hot news right now in the circle of our family is the recent wedding of Mike & Sela, followed by the mini-Reunion. I have mentioned to a few that this was one of my most enjoyable trip to a family gathering. It was a brief one but the sweetest! The building up to the occasion and the actual one was really awesome. Everyone who was there was moved with joy and the closeness of the family. A mighty congratulation to the Kiwi Team of the family led by Tony, 'Isa'ake & 'Akata, Paame & Tohi, Suli & Peter, Takai & family, Tupou & 'Aisea, Kalino & Simata, Saimone & family, etc.

One of my joys also was to see Maliana able to travel again. We all know the experiences she went through when she last travel. At least now she and Lotiola can visit the rest of the family whenever they can.

Here at school, it's back to the normal routine. Out athletes are training hard and that gave me a chance also to train with them!

That will be all for now as I just wanted to share my joy of having this additional site to our family's network. Do take and keep up the good work.

'Ofa lahi atu, 'Ekuasi

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