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New Look

Hi everyone! I guess you might have noticed by now that has had a new hairdo! We hope you don't mind the new outlook. For technical reasons, we have had to change to this new template. Hopefully it will make accessing our website easier for you all, as well as uploading your photos, etc. Otherwise, everything else remains the same as far as you're concerned. While you can still view our site using 'normal Zoom' (= 100%), we find that viewing it on '125% Zoom' in Internet Explorer is also kool (to change zoom, click 'page' at top right corner, then scroll down to 'zoom' in order to change it). For those with Firefox, click on 'View', then go down to 'Zoom' to 'Zoom in'.

Many thanks to those who have visited and posted. But please feel free! If you have difficulty uploading photos, you can always upload them onto your site (bebo, myspace, etc) and my ever reliable assistant (SKF) will transfer your photos from there to here. Those of you using Firefox as their browser will find the Sidebars on the homepage looking a little strange...we're working on resolving the problem. Those of you with Internet Explorer should have no problem. We now have 20 registered members but there are still alot of family members who have not signed up. So we are relying on you guys to spread the word...(thank you Monalisa for advertising us on your bebo site!!!).

Once again, happy surfing on, our little home on the web.

[ps. problem mentioned above relating to the Firefox browser has now been resolved. So Firefox users should now be able to see the homepage as it looks to those using Internet Explorer]

Your host team

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