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Next Wedding in the Family

This news needs to be confirmed by Monalisa or someone in the know. It's more like family rumor than anything else. But the rumor is that our handsome cousin Toni Uesi, the son of Visilia and Ikani Uesi, adopted by big Vise and Fonua, is scheduled to get married on the first of August, 2009. I have no idea who the lucky lady is, nor where the wedding is going to take place. But this is indeed great news for the family especially if it's confirmed. So here's an early shout out to my cousin Toni. Way to go Tamasokaleti! See you on August 1.

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Hi familia, Malo e lelei famili ko 'eku taimi lunch eni he ngaue peau afe mai ke vakai pe 'oku mou si'i fefe, fuoloa e ta'efelongo aki..'oku mou si'i fefe hake?'Ofa pe 'oku mou mo'uilelei pe e tokotah


Hello family it has been a long long time. Im so happy, finally able to get in this family forum and see how everyone is doing. Im very grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be apart of this family