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Hello familia, just two things for you guys to know:

1. We have set up our 'Chat' page to allow anyone who visits here to chat. That means you don't have to sign up first to be a member in order to join the weekly chat that Monalisa organises here every weekend. Our website is not yet known to many famili so no need to restrict the chat only to members but can be changed if needed be.

2. offers a few web-based free email addresses to any of you who are interested. Of course you can easily get a free web-based email address these days at Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. So why bother. Well, the only plus for getting another personal email address here at is that your email address will look like this (eg. So if you are interested, then email us to this address

( with how you want your email address to look (eg. and we'll email you the details for how to set it up.

Thank you to Monalisa and all who are making this site feel like 'our little home on the web'.

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