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About our 'Links' page

Hello Familia,

On this website's LINKS page, you will find several sites that could be helpful or interesting for you. Unfortunately for you, only the Admin Team can add sites to this page. However, if you have sites, especially related family sites, that you want to add, you can always email it to us at or reply here to this message and we will add it for you. We have not put up the individual bebo sites because there are just too many of them. But general family sites on bebo or facebook could be added. On our family TREE page, we have added related family trees from other websites. You can help us to add more related family trees by simply letting us know. The ADDRESSES page also needs to be updated (we got those from booklet 'Lest We Forget'). Please take a look and if you have the person's current address, contact us here or email it to us and we will update it for you.

Our humble thanks to all of you who are making this site a kool place to visit. Much ofas to everyone!

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