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Ideas About Our Website

Hallo family, I hope my message will find you all in good health!

I was just thinking...It may be a great idea for people to use our CHAT page also to leave a quick message like just saying 'hallo' or ofa message to everyone or anyone in the family. We can then keep this 'Post a Message' forum for other stuff like family news, messages, announcements, congratulations etc? The messages in our CHAT page are emptied out at the end of the week whereas those here in this forum are kept safe. What do you think? We hope to install here soon something that tells you who else is online here so that you two can also go for a chat. The other thing to know is that we have installed another page 'REFER US'. This is for you to send a quick message to other family members about our family website. Just go there and click 'Share'.

Your admin team will be most happy to listen to any suggestion here about how to improve the quality of our family website. Much ofas to you all and to those whose birthdays are coming up which makes us think of Fr. Ekuasi and our families in Fiji. We hope you guys are ok...let us know how you guys are doing. alofa atu.

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