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Some Changes to Our Site

Hi family! This is your admin team. We have changed a few things on our site. First, you can now invite other family members to our site by simply clicking on 'INVITE' after you signed up. That is why we have removed the 'Refer us' page and replaced it with 'Members' page. Our 'Members' page is only accessible to members but here you can send a quick or private message via email to other family members from our site. You can also post a message to any family member at her Profile page on our site (just click on her profile to go there).

We have also installed 'People Now Online' to tell you how many are actually online on our site as you come in. If you see '2 Online' or more, it means you're not alone. If you want, you can then try the 'Chat' page in order to chat, something that our cousin Lana was suggesting. The other thing you need to know is that we have set up our 'Photos' page so that people cannot copy photos from there to their own computer or websites by doing a right click. But we'll be happy to change this so that you or anyone else can copy photos if you let us know.

If you scroll down to "Food for Thought" at the bottom of our homepage, there is a verse there from the Bible for you as well as a quote from Barack Obama. The Obama quote changes each day while the Bible verse changes every time you click on the homepage. We will try to have a different smart person for each month but we begin this month of May with Obama - Yes We Can!

As always, feel free to suggest ideas but above all please take care not to get those flu. much ofa to you all.

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