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Hallo Families,

This is your admin team again, just to inform you all that we have asked the following cousins to be the 'Official Reporter' for our website from their part of the world:

Fiji = Analena

Tonga = Hiko si'i

New Zealand = Sela

USA = Monalisa

Queensland = Lotiola si'i

Sydney = Lana

Samoa = Fr Unaloto

[Fr Ekuasi also provides regular updates from his school]

And the deal is that for a very small salary agreed to by our Sponsor, each of them will hopefully post here once a week some news about our families living in their part of the world. So far Analena has accepted the job and Monalisa has been doing it for a while now from the US but we're still waiting for an answer from Hiko si'i, Sela and Tia. If you see any of these three, please encourage them to consider this very good deal. Thanks.

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