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Update from St John's College

Greetings to you all from St.John's College!

Trust all is well with you, families and relatives, wherever you are in the four corners of the universe! Many thanks to the Admin Team for the professional upkeep and development of the family site. Gratitude equally to those who take time to share news from your respective places of operation.

Here at the school, we are getting ready for Term 2 which begins tomorrow. I'm contented with our efforts in Term 1, especially with the sports. Our athletes did much better this time round winning 10 medals as we won only 2 last year. Our girls' Under 15 also won the final of the Volleyball competition. These victories will certainly boost the morale of the school for this Term.

It is going to be a packed Term in terms of extra-curricular activities. Apart from rugby and netball, we also have the school's Reunion & Bazaar in 4 weeks time. The PM from Tonga will be our chief guest as he is an ex-student of the school. I'm excited about this event as it will bring money for the school to assist with our much needed upgrade of the infra-structures. If you are interested to read more into this, please log on to the school's website on <>; And of course you'll get to know about my work here in St.John.

I'm glad to know that the 2 Magis have returned from the East!! I'm sure their trip was very wortwhile for the family and relatives in NZ, but especially for their state of health. When I was there for the wedding I noticed that their presence made a big impact on the family there, especially to 'Isa'ake & 'Akata and the kids.

That will be all for now as I need to get a few things ready for tomorrow. You all take care and keep up the wonderful works you are doing.

'Ofa lahi atu & hufaki,


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