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Talofa to you all from Samoa

Talofa to you all. Thank God, I finally open up this page. Well it's a good idea Lisa for Lana to helpout from this side but for your information Lana is residing now in Australia with her husband and kids. The photos she posted she took while she was here in Feb for a short holiday with her hubby and kids... So unfortunately, for me I have no choice. BUT it's good as I don't have to half the one thousand pa'anga salary of the reporter from Samoa... am I right? ok.

Well brothers and sisters, as you know Fr Hiko and myself are working here in Samoa. Fr Hiko is teaching at Chanel college and I am looking after a parish called St Andrew, 10 miles outside of Apia the capital. We both are enjoying our time here and our work. People are lovely and their local beer called Vailima is the best in the Pacific.

And as you all know we have relatives here in Samoa also. Grandpa 'Ekuasi's eldest sister, Latu, married a Samoan and died here in Samoa. Her children and grandchildren are all over Samoa. They are the fahu of 'Ekuasi's children but they don't apply here.... thank God. Well, here in Samoa, no one will apply his/her fahu title to a priest, and I think thats somehow save us from our blood-fahu here in Samoa. Here in Samoa, we are the fahu.ha.ha.ha. And this apply to any Faifeau.

But afterall, we help them in so many ways as our famili here in Samoa and treating them as our fahu... ka 'oku fakangatangata pe. ok.

That is all for now. Take care and keep up the good work.

'Ofa atu.

ps: 'Ana I am coming on the second of June. Can you give me a phone number of Vakaola please. Tell Tu'a'ofa I will bring my birthday gift when I come.

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