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Lalo Kalosipani News 3

Malo-Lelei to you all and hope all is well from your respective corner.

It's quite a cold morning here in the island kingdom, it maybe funny to you in colder countries but for us it's seriously cold actually. So cold that we actually got to discover the advantage of having our house at the Lalo Kalosipani, as if built for such cold season. it's surprising to find it warm inside, much credit to Napa and Vo. 'Oku mafana makehe atu pe 'a loto... and no wonder when we come to summer time, the house is more like an oven so to speak . . . . lol . . . well now to some news aye!

Ok, the other news is that the Fale'aisi gang (those at home in Matahau) did attend Sr. Akanete Salt's funeral. even aunty Maliana was there... too bad for me I wasn't there actually but the news goes something like it was an emotionally attended funeral... that's all I can say to that for now.

The good news for today is that our Matahau local rugby league team won their next match against Kolofo'ou. The score was 40 - 12...malie e! The game was held at 'Apifo'ou, the same playground where they thrashed Ha'akame the week before by 38 - 10. So I guess by there folks, I'm not kidding when I have to say this is a promising team. Toki sauni'i he kautama ni 'a Kolofo'ou hono fo'i tuli fakalelemoa'i 'etau timi he 1980's 'i Tonga High 'aki ha nice clean game, no fighting whatsoever, ke fakamahino ko e kau to'a mo'oni ia 'o e Ngalukilo . . . 'ouaaaaaa! So there you have it. Looking forward to the next game, tala atu kauteme, here we come!

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