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Malo Soifua from Samoa

Talofa famili. Good Napa is going to Tonga. Enjoy your time there and pea fakasi'isi'i e tafulu'i e ki'i kainga lotu he koe me'a ia 'oku nau kanokano ua ai he taimi ni ko hono tafulu'i mo tautea'i. Tautau tefito pe ki he tama Pakisitani tutuku...ha.ha.

Well nothing new in Samoa. Father Lutoviko is on holiday (school holiday) and I am going to Fiji next week for a week and he will look after my poor parish. Of course we pay. Nowadays the word 'Malo' is not functioning anymore. And to the manager, sorry I thought the salary is 1000 pa'aga. Now I know it is 100. Well I better resign e...ha.ha.

That is all from Samoa and from the two fahu in Samoa...ha. Lisa I told you, church comes first here. This is a God-fearing country. So we are the big boss here...ha. Maybe Lana will elaborate more. God bless Samoa.

Tofa Soifua

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