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Greetings from Europe

Hallo to all the families on this website. First of all, congratulations to this website's Admin Team for a job well done and for letting me join as a member. Once in a while during the past weeks, I've sneaked in here quietly just to check up on the latest happenings in the family but may be it's time to show my face as well. In case you do not yet know, I am living now in Europe and all of you are invited to visit us here so long as you bring with you some kapa pulu pasifiki, kapa pulu paame mo e hellaby - you know the type I mean eh? I've been looking all over for the stuff but just couldn't find it here. I also have not tried that Vailima thing but we have here in Europe more than 500 different kinds of beer for anyone to taste. So it's probably not a bad place for a holiday for Hiko Si'i and those who enjoy a pint at just about anytime of the day. I am still trying to adjust to my new lifestyle here with new family and friends but otherwise am still keeping fit and healthy through biking mainly, though not as healthy as Unaloto at least from what I've seen in Lana's photos from Samoa - Loto, go easy on those palusami!!! So happy to read here news from the priests in the family and glad to know that they're all busy doing great. I hope to be able to upload some photos from here, just to give you guys an idea of what the devil I've been up to during the last few years (admin team: I've tried but there was an error message). My love to you all and would be grateful if you could extend my love to all the families wherever you are (Lisa, please remember me to Analena). Ofa lahi atu to you all, Uncle Tavo.

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