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More News from the Isles of Fiji

Hello family,

Today (Friday 29 May) is a public holiday in this country in memory of their famous leader Ratu Sukuna. Yesterday, the kids' school was celebrating the day and the Tafola entertainers from Tonga were performing a Tongan tau'olunga. Last night again at the university's social function at the Vodafone Arena, each cultural group was performing an item and the Tafola entertainers performed on behalf of the Tongan Students Association. Kids are not backing off on such opportunities where they can get their stipend.

At this time now, Stan and his son Sepa are in Tonga. They left this morning with Stan's best friend and neighbour Chris just for the weekend. Stan just wants to visit Tonga one more time before they move to Canada. Chris has been dreaming of visiting the Friendly Isles, and finally it comes true. Hope he will enjoy the weekend in Tonga and be at the Lalo Kalosipani.

Tevesi's daughter (with first wife 'Emeli), Ane is here of course with her mum 'Emeli. Ane married last year to Sosefo Mailangi of Vava'u and they have a son, Falekoula. This family is busy now preparing for the Tonga High School Day next weekend. Tonga High School ex-students who are here in Suva is having choir practises for the malanga next Sunday. Vakaola is also here in Suva working but he is hard to locate.

USP (University of the South Pacific) is getting closer and closer to the final tape. Next week will be our last lecture week and then preparation for the exams on the two last weeks of June. So, this is the time where the eggs will be in its heyday in Suva and for free. If anyone wants to make an order, please let me know so that I can prepare alot to collect as many as I can.

Fr. 'Ekuasi is still busy with the school preparation for their reunion in two weeks time. He is trying to sell his raffle tickets for the day. I am also trying to sell the tickets which he blessed me with. The first prize is FJ$4000. Anyone wants a ticket?

That's all for now and catch you all later.

'ofa atu.

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