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Committee for Next Family Reunion

Hello Families!

I hope this short message will find you all in good health. We are happy to hear that Seno is recovering slowly at his home in Matahau but let's continue to pray for him and his family. The fall was pretty severe on his head.

I would like to inform you all about the makeup of the COMMITTEE in charge of organizing and running the next Fatai-Ekuasi Tavo Family Reunion scheduled for July 2011 in Bundaberg, Australia. Here are the committee members:

Akanesi Kaufusi (Australia)

Mele Lute Rea (New Zealand)

Lesieli Fatai Tavo jr (USA)

Hiko Si'i Manu (Tonga)

I am told that very soon the committee will post here some news about the reunion. But the committee members would welcome any ideas, proposals, questions re travel, accomodation, etc from anyone. Just send any of the members an email or page them via the 'Members' page of our website. Ofa atu to you all.

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