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Latest News from the Fiji Isles

Greetings to you all famili,

Hope this reaches you in good health and glamorous spirit.

This past week we've been kept busy preparing for two important occassions. Sebastian's birthday and the Tonga High School ex-student day.

Lotiola and Fr. 'Unaloto had arrived safely from their respective origins and we make sure that they don't feel ignored with the preparations here especially Lotiola. She was greeted with a load of sewings to be done just for the weekend. As usual, she managed to do all those sewings and not having a rest until Sunday. She is now continuing on making Fr. 'Ekuasi's ta'ovala and shirts for their school reunion this weekend.

On Sebastian's birthday, we had a mass at their house at 3pm which was led by Fr. 'Unaloto. The singing was done by the Tafola choir. After mass, we proceeded to Guava Restaurant ( a restaurant which only gathers for not more than 50 people), where the meal and entertainment was done. Again, the Tafola entertainers performed two tau'olunga at the beginning and the last item which was done before dessert served, was a combination of Tongans and Canadians, where they performed an international item.

Lotiola was a little furious when the meal was first served. They first served mussells and 'ota ika with pasta and talo. She ate furiously cos she could'nt believe that this was the meal for the day. Sitani recognised this and he went and informed Lotiola that the main course hasn't been served yet which were pork and chicken. Oh! what a day.

We just paid Fr. 'Ekuasi's tickets which he gave us, and hopefuly we'll get a prize from their raffle, and hopefully it is not the pig prize.

The Tonga High School ex-student day was beautiful. Tu'a'ofa and I went there as we joined the choir. The preacher was the Tongan former Minister of finance's wife, Fekita 'Utoikamanu. A feast was held after the service and Tu'a'ofa and I enjoyed that very much. (no kai fa'o anyway).

An Indian festival is going on this week, which is the Indian Instyle Expo. This is held at the car park of the Vodafone Arena, where Indian business people are displaying their different arts, from clothes, jewelleries to outdoor activities which in this country we call it 'show-case'. Some countries call it carnival, ferries wheel or merry-go-round. The Tafola kids dying to go there but it is out of our monthly budget.

Tomorrow, Fr. 'Unaloto will be leaving for Samoa. Hope we didn't starve him here. If that was so, it will be for his own benefit.

That's all for the time being and Ni Sa Moce.

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