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Best of luck to Fr 'Ekuasi

Hello to all the families wherever you are. In case you forgot, this weekend is big time for Father Ekuasi at his school in Fiji. As the school boss, he's hosting a reunion of all the ex-students of his school in order to raise funds for the maintenance of the school. He's of course relying on one particular ex-student of his school who will also attend the reunion, namely, the Prime Minister of Tonga (Dr Seveli). Let's pray and hope for a successful if not fun-filled weekend for our man and all his guests. We've also been informed that Ekuasi was in the news recently in Fiji, click here to read about it. But to keep up with what he's up to at his school, you can find his school's website on our LINKS page. Best of luck to Fr Ekuasi and be sure to let us know how it all went especially if someone from Matahau gets one of those raffle prizes. Ofa atu with lots of hufaki.

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