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Hello from the Kaufusi's Down Under

Hello and Greetings to all the families!

I hope this message meets you all in good health.

All the family here in Bundaberg are all good, everyone is in good health and everyone sends their love.

Some news from Bundaberg:

First news is that we celebrated Magz 21st Birthday on the 31st of May.

We had a special guest - Mele Rea surprised everyone here for Magz birthday especially the birthday girl who was in total shock and had no idea... lol

We want to thank Melz for taking the time out of her busy schedule to be here with us to celebrate Magz birthday. We all enjoyed your company and hoped you had a great time as we did with you.

On the eve of Magz 21st Birthday, we had a small gathering (cocktail party with nibblies) with friends and family for Magz Birthday at our house. It was good fun and something everyone enjoyed.

On Sunday 31st May, we had a family bbq - invited Dad's sisters and family - Siosi and Sete.

Another big news from here is that Felise had his prom, he celebrated it with Siosi (dad sister's) son Toafa.

I think mum was really happy, because she finally got to do the dancing, with us all girls. She had to watch dad do the parent/child dance, but she finally got to dance and she was really happy.

They all enjoyed the night and everyone looked really nice.

Seini and her team has posted here pictures from Magz 21st & Felise's Prom [click here for the pictures]

Well that is all the news from the family, hope all the family out there are good, we would love to keep in touch, so please email us and hopefully we could all meet up at the next reunion.

Ofa atu

Lotiola Jnr and Kaufusi Family

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