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Bula from us here in Fiji

Bula family,

As you all know, Stan's family is now packing, and getting ready to go back to Canada. They are therefore very busy with their packing, especially with their stuff which needed to be shipped. The rest of their stuff stay here with us. We can't wait for them to go so that we can start having our own garage sale. They will be leaving for Nadi this Wednesday and then on the way to Canada on Saturday. We are definitely going to miss their noisy little son, Sebastian [click here for the photos of Sebastian's first birthday celebration].

We have people coming and leaving. Fr. 'Unaloto left for Samoa on Tuesday last week and Poini jr finally made it here on Friday, and he is here with us until Monday next week. The kids are very happy to have him here as he is their only fa'etangata fa'iteliha'anga according to Tu'a'ofa.

The Fiji FACT soccer tournament held this weekend, starting last Friday at the TFL National Stadium and the final was done today (Monday 15) as today is a Public Holiday of the Queen's Birthday. The final was between Lautoka and Navua, and Navua won this tournament. Sorry Napa, Ba didn't make it to the semi-final.

Again today, USP starts their exams (or 'collecting eggs') season. I will start mine tomorrow (Tuesday 16). So, let me know if anyone still wants to order some 'eggs'. May I remind you, these eggs are for free, so don't miss out. Lastly, we are still waiting for Fr. 'Ekuasi to let us know if any of us won a prize in the raffle. Too bad if anyone won the pig prize. In the Fiji Times today, the school raised about FJ$63K on the bazaar day. I wonder how much the Tongan PM and his group from Tonga donated to the school.

Well, that's all for now, and don't hassle me for the next two weeks cos I'd be very busy.

'ofa atu to you all, Analena

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