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Latest News from Fiji: Update no. 5

Greetings to you all famili from the Fiji Isles,

Hallelujah! Halleluja! Hallelujah! is the chorus from my kids this morning as Poini was on his way back to Tonga. Poini said, "I'll be back John". Anyway, we enjoyed his company despite many things :D:D:D. Poini was lucky enough to make a visit to Cawaci, Levuka, compliment of Fr. 'Ekuasi. Poini was talking proudly about how well known Fr. 'Ekuasi is to almost everyone on the island. Most of all, Poini talked about how his connection to Fr. 'Ekuasi gave him a free ride as he had no bus fare from Levuka town back to Cawaci. (He walked to Levuka for more than 1 hour as part of his hiking trip.)

Finally Sitani and his family made their way back to Canada. We really miss them so much especially noisy Sebastian jr. My kids miss Stan for the fact that Stan is taking Village Six Cinema with him to Canada (tough luck on them). Poini and Sitani both tried to take the Card trophy with them to their respective destination, unfortunately, their opponent is their mum who always knows better and has more tricks. Good Luck guys! Susitina and Soana are joining their school's netball team. Susitina is in the under 11 and Soana is in the under 10. Their team played last Saturday. Susitina's team was had two fewer players but they managed not to lose to Nehru school and ended with a draw. Soana's team won by 8-2 again against Nehru. Sosefo is also in their under 9 rugby team. Last week he couldn't play cos he forgot to take his rugby shoes, socks and pants. This was a blessing for their team, that Sosefo is not in the field to give away scores to the other team.

Lastly, this is our final exam week. I had two down already and one more to go. Can't wait to get it all done, so that I can try to take the Card trophy from my mum. That's all for now famili, and see you next time.

This is Ms. 'Ana from Fiji One News.

Until then, Ni Sa Moce.

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