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News from Stan in Canada

Hi everyone

First, I'm grateful that my family has arrived safely back in Canada. Thanks for all your support, thoughts and prayers.

We arrived last Saturday night and settled back into my parents-in-laws' place in Richmond (just outside Vancouver). Little Sebastian is fighting the cold; so is for me and Jay. We expected warmer weather here and found ourselves with a shocking chilly Vancouver air. It's no surprise I suppose to hear that Tonga was as cold as 13 degrees or something - and that's ridiculous!

Anyway, we miss Fiji and the family there. The tafolas will have to do 'it' themselves now. I hope they will get the needed guidance and constant encouragement to continue doing well at school, even if it means taking them to Village 6. Come to think of it, we left all our pirated copies of DVDs with them - all hundreds of them! :-) Although with the economy these days, I wouldn't be surprise if Lotiola decides to re-sell them at 50c each, along with all the furniture ktichen stuff that we left for them. Oh, about the card-game championship belt, I'd advise anyone who dare to challenge the Lefty not to play her together with her sidekick protege (grandchild Soana) on her side. They certainly have mastered enough tricks to beat you as a team at all cost! Just be prepared not to be a sore loser!

Glad to hear of Fr Ekuasi and the success of his school's fundraising. Was that the idea? Well, at least Tonga's prime minister showed up and I'm sure Ekuasi was a very happy principal. I'm not convinced still that none of the 100 tickets from Matahau was selected in the fundraising raffle. At least if it was the pig-prize, I'm sure the locals at home would have understood if Ekuasi roasted it himself. On the whole, we as a family have to be very proud of all the great work that Fr Ekuasi has been doing there. We miss you too Ekuasi.

Again, it's great to read messages from Uncle Napa, and his adventurous missionary life in Peru. I believe he's returning to Tonga soon, and what a gift that will be for Aunty Maliana and the family at home. There's lots to fix at home; so welcome home Mr McGyver when you get there. The same great news for me and my family to read news from Felise. My prayers and love for him always, and hopefully we will get to meet up again soon.

Thanks Mona and the Admin team for this great site; hopefully I will make use right now of my 'waiting-for-a-job' time to keep you all updated with news from the far north. Please keep us informed of the family news esp. the upcoming family weddings. I'm awaiting my application for permanent residency (PR) here in Canada; as a result, I can't travel outside the country right now nor am I allowed to work until I get my PR. But am hoping to get it soon in order possibly for me to go to one of these weddings. I'm also happy to read news about Aunty Analena Lahi and Filimi, and am therefore thankful for God's blessing in so many ways for all of us.

For now, here's my contacts, and please do send invitation in case I'm able to come.

Jay and Stan Manu

#8 - 13400 Princess Street

Richmond, BC


(604) 277 - 2765


I will try to post some pictures soon for you. As always, if you find yourself out in this corner of the world, give us a peep. We'd love to get some family visitors if possible. British Columbia afterall is a beautiful place to see; what about this: the upcoming Winter Olympic here in Vancouver in 2010?

'Ofa atu

Stan, Jay and Sebastian.

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