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Malo e lelei to all you families. We just thought it's time to update you guys on a few things concerning our site as suggested by our webmaster. So fasten up your seatbelt coz you gonna have to bear with us for a while: 1. HOW MESSAGES ARE DISPLAYED ON HOMEPAGE: Whenever a new message is posted, it first appears on the homepage under "Latest Messages". When it disappears from the "Latest Messages", you will notice it goes either into "Recent Updates from Our Reporters" if it's from one of our reporters or into "Other Recent Updates on" if it's from someone else. When it disappears from the homepage altogether, you can still find it on our "2009 News Archive". Of course, you can also go through all messages by simply clicking "Post a Message" and browse through all of them which are arranged in chronological order. 2. ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIP: You will see on the "Members" page only 26 members, but really we now have 35 members, which means that 9 family members have signed up but have not completed their profile and that's why they are not yet on our "Members" page. But there are still alot of family members who have not signed up or have yet to hear about our website. It would be great if we could all try to reach out to those members and encourage them to join up. You can do this by simply clicking "Invite" after you sign in. Members of these families have not signed up: Visilia & Ikani, Tevita & Latu, Tu'iniua's kids, Vake's kids, Lua's kids and perhaps others. 3. ABOUT THE MEMBERS PAGE: The one useful thing about the "Members" page is that you can leave a message on each member's profile page or even better, you can send a quick message directly to the email address of that member by clicking on his/her profile page the link "Send a Message". This comes in handy for wishing any member 'Happy Birthday' or any quick message to send, etc. We would ask you to remove any apostrophe (fakau'a) from your name on your profile page to allow others to page you directly. 4. ABOUT OUR PHOTOS: We have configured our "Photos" page to ensure no one can copy photos from there by doing a 'right click' and some of you are happy with that. However, if you for some very good reason would like to copy photo(s) for yourself, you only need to contact us and we'll open it up for you before shutting it again. Don't forget to try out "View as Slideshow". I've just tried it with Fr Ekuasi's latest album and the photos look even better! Don't forget that photos uploaded by you the members do not count against the storage limit of our website which means you can upload as many photos as you want! 5. ABOUT THE RSS: You will find at the bottom of our "Post a Message" page a little orange button with the letters RSS (Really Simple Syndication) on it. If you click on it, it will allow you to subscribe to read the latest messages posted on our website on your browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox) without having to open up And if you have an email client that can take RSS feeds like 'Windows Live Mail' which you can get for free from the internet, then you can also receive the latest messages on our website straight into your email which may be is a good thing for those of us with slower and more expensive internet connection. 6. ABOUT THE LINKS, ADDRESS, BIRTHDAYS PAGE: Should you have a website that you think everyone should know about, let us know so that we can put them up on our "Links" page. The addresses on our "Address" page need to be updated. Take a look and email us the correction or your new address so we can add or change it. On our "Birthdays" page, you can add birthdays or your upcoming events for us to know. 7. FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANLY: A big "Malo" to all our dedicated reporters for their regular updates. I think it's fair to say that if our family page has become interesting and helpful for our family members, it's all thanks to you guys! Even if we manage to get you guys a tiny Christmas present, it will still be far short of what you truly deserve. That is why we have decided to honour your commitment by having your photos on our homepage (should you have a better photo of yourself, just email it to us). Malo ofa! Thank you also to other family members who contribute regularly to our site (Napa, Viko, Stan, etc). Take good care everyone.

Ofa atu to you all,

Your Admin Team

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