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Here we go again from Sydney

Hi everyone,

Well, well, well, what can I say this time, still nothing flashy is happening here. We are just fighting the cold and rainy weather here in Sydney.

Antonio's team is playing tonight here in Sydney. I wish we can go watch him but can't :(:(:unsure:. Rimo is sick and can't afford to take him because he might get worse. Anyway, it's live on TV.

Hiko, please tell aunty Maliana I missed her so much and I always remember her in my prayers. Hopefully I will come visit sometime. I really need to bring my family to visit that Lalokalosipani tree yah. Our Sydney Oz Lotto is now 90 million so I really need to buy a ticket this time yah.

I have to go now coz I need to buy a lotto ticket, but hey our love and regards to everyone.

Bye for now, Lana.

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