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Latest Update from Levuka

Ni sa bula vinaka and greetings to you all from the Old Capital of Fiji!

Trust this finds you all and your families in good health. I can't help but amazed at the diversity of news from the families from different corners of the universe. They send a wonderful message right across that all is well with your respective families and communities. Of course the sick and the age remain with us, especially 'Analena Sr. and Seno. However, it's great to know that they are recovering well, thanks to all the prayers and messages of well wishes.

May I join the echo of Happy Birthdays to Robert Rea tomorrow and auntie Tita on Monday. May you both have a blessed and joy-filled days in the years to come! Hopefully, at this time next year Robert will settle down with a new family. Please pray hard for Robert as he can't make up his mind which one! The Seminary is still open if that will be the last option!

I notice that a few errors appear on our website, either birthdays or anniversaries. While it may not be that important, still it's vital to correct them. I suppose for most of us we know, but the younger ones and those who are coming up need to know and remember the exact dates. The week before I celebrated my 11th Anniversary as a priest. Susitina is the first witness to this because of her age and of course I baptized her on my first mass on the 20th of June, 1998. Yes, I was ordained on the 19th of June 11 years ago.

By now most, if not all of you, have seen the pictures of the Bazaar & Reunion here at the school. It was a very joyful and colourful celebrations. The trump card was of course the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr.Fred Sevele, his wife, and members of the family. For 2 weeks St.John's College was the hot news on TV and the papers. I was interviewed on the local news on TV and the radio, and some of my photos, the PM and others, were on the papers.

I have sent a DVD, a copy of the celebrations, to Suva, Tonga and NZ. Most of the feedbacks speak highly of the celebrations. For those in Australia and the US, you have to wait for next pocket money but if you really want the DVD, you can always send the money and postal address!!! But I know by watching the photos that is sufficient.

The week before I had a special visitor to the school, Laupoini Jr. Hange ko e lau 'a Sesili, kou to e mole au!! Lucky I had a bit of money to pay for his trip over to Levuka and gave him some pocket money. So you're most welcome to visit me at the school, but try and pay for your fare! Poini was fortunate that the agent for the boat company is our relative from Fatai's island, Susui, Vanuabalavu. Rosemina, her name, paid or gave a free ticket for Poini. She excercised her fahu part and took the ngatu that was the fakapale from 'Ainise, PM's wife. Fatai would have been proud that her relative was honoured on the day.

Well family, that will be all for now. Do take care and keep up the wonderful works that you are all doing. Let us continue to pray for each other.

'Ofa lahi atu & hufaki,


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