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Latest Update from 'Analena in Suva

Malo e lelei famili,

It is always a joy that even though we would be wandering around the world on the internet, yet there is always a home for us where we can come to relax and share the stories from our respective corner of the world.

In this part of the world, things have been quiet fow now. First of all, because this campus feels like a deserted area as the majority of the students are on holiday now. It is only our part of the campus that is still noisy because of our children. Secondly, right now there are not much going on, except that Tonga lost to Japan in yesterday's rugby union match, putting the 'dot' (Fo'i Piliote) in the last place of the Pacific Nations Cup tournament which is now led by Fiji.

Yesterday, Suva Primary School Netball had a Crest Primary Netters Central Championship, and Soana and Susitina again joined their respective teams in fighting for their respective grade champion. The under 10 in which Soana's team plays became their grade champion. The under 11 in which Susitina's team competes made it to the final only to become the first runners up. Their school's under 13 and 14 both became their grades' champions. I am very pleased with my girls that none of them is taking after their mum in sport especially in netball.

I think that's about all I have for now except that we are still trying very hard to defeat the card champion, yet still fail. One person used to say, "as we grow older, our mum grows wiser". Tapu 'aupito e feinga ia ki he hema.

Thank you very much famili, and see you next time.

'Ofa atu,


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