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  • Lana David

Hi Everyone - from Sydney

Well in Aussie last night the 90 million dollar lotto was drawn and I am very happy to let you all know that I didn't win a single cent. So lucky I only spent $4.00 I think this is not my time to win something.

We are all well and fine. I called Samoa yesterday too and aunty Luisa and the family are doing well. Aunty Luisa will go on a trip to Rome in October. I am looking forward to it because she is coming my way to go to Rome and she will be staying with me so I will try and get the whole famili together for lunch or something.

Is there anyone of our family in Rome at this time? Luisa has been helping out with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mapuifagalele in Samoa. I am very happy for her and I can't wait to see her again.

My boys are still playing hard every Saturday in this crazy cold weather. I am starting to lose my voice for screaming hard out to cheer them and the rules now is that no try no Mc Donalds.

Well take care everyone and keep in touch ok. My big FAAFETAI TELE to the people who is keeping this website going for us. This is a great thing and I am so happy that I am part of this and getting to know all of you is so amazing and I thank God for a lovely big family that we all are.

'Ofa lahi atu


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