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Lalo Kalosipani News 7 from Matahau

Dear families and relatives,

Malo ho'omou laumalie. 'Oku mou fefe hake? Hope all is well in your respective corners.

For us here in our Lalo Kalosipani Tree, all is well but I'm sure we all understand life's turns, the ups and downs, the excitement, the boredom and so on and so on.

'Oku mau mo'ui lelei kotoa pe. Poini jr is home with us so to speak, and he just started work this week. He seems to be early getting busy with something (that I can't say) hopefully that he'll make it. 'Oku sai pe 'a Maliana mo Tiana, hokohoko lele ai pe 'ena lotu malafoni hono hufekina kimoutolu 'i he ngaahi tapa kehekehe 'o mamani. Lucky they don't charge you for it. Mo'ui lelei pe 'a Fita mo Maryanne pehe kia Milika mo Saimone who shines our little home with the heaven I say. For me, 'oku ou mo'ui lelei pe. Na'e toki 'osi palau atu ke 'ai e ngoue 'i 'uta, though i hope to get it right. I know plantation ain't my field, but dare to learn.

This week na'e fakahoko ai e fakanofo patele fo'ou 'a ia ne lava atu ki ai e kaingalotu katolika 'o Matahau 'o fakahoko e fakame'ite ma'ulu'ulu . It's nothing new, just the old sound of the drum beating the hell out of the crowd. It's what the Matahauans do best I guess. With everything else, the weather is turning beautiful here in the island (and you guys out there are missing it). We've been having problems with our local rugby league team, not getting to play anymore. It's unfortunate but is due to management problems.

From last week na'e fakahoko foki ai e katoanga kaipola 'a Tonga ni, 'a e konifelenisi 'a e SUTT. It's one of the best time of the year for me, keu lunch ai, a heavy one . . . for free, and that's what I love about SUTT. As well, cousin Seilala and her husband turned up for the conference, and it was good seeing them. Fiefia he'ena 'a'ahi ange ki hotau 'api masiva, 'ikai ha me'a lelei 'e ma'u ai, ko e chatchat pe mo e ipu vaimafana. They say they'll fly back to Kiwiland next Monday.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I have to get out of the office na'a ma'u 'e he boss 'eku interneti.

'Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa pea mou tauhi lelei.


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