• Analena Taai

Bula Vinaka from 'Analena in Fiji

Bula to you all famili "Fale'aisi",

Still this USP campus is an empty place, and so it is with events to be shared with you all, except for two major exciting things:

1. Last Friday, Sr. Clare had joined us and is still here with us until Friday. She is here at first representing their congregation to one of their benefactors who were here on holiday with their family. Sr. Clare arrived in Nadi last Tuesday and stayed with that family in one of the hotels in Nadi and then made it to Suva on Friday. We really enjoy her company, yet trying very hard to defend the card trophy.

2. Again last Friday, the TFL Kula award competition was held in a nearby gym which is the Tattersals. This is a dancing competition where about only 15 secondary schools managed to take part. Fr. 'Ekuasi's school, St. John's College from Levuka was one of these schools. The competition was in three categories: Bulawood (Fijian dance), Hollywood (Western dance) and Bollywood (Indian dance). We were so lucky that Sr. Clare arrived on time to pay our admission tickets. (I guess that's our story here in Suva for those who are visiting us, that we are totally depending on my scholarship and also family scholarships). We really enjoyed the competition with the creative and variety of dances the schools performed. St. John's College did very well with their three items. They must have learned them from their principal. We cheered out very loud for Fr Ekuasi's school even though we haven't been there yet.

Other than that, us here are still breathing. Susitina and Soana's team are still doing well with their netball as they both won last Saturday. According to Soana, it was the first game that she ever enjoyed because she had no partner. However, It is sad to inform you all that I just found out last week, that Sefo's team had been disqualified from their competition due to uncountable losts:roll::(.

That's about all I have for the time being, except that I don't want to share on Tonga's rugby team who lost to the NZ Kiwis here last Friday.

'Oku mau 'ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono katoa famili,

until then, see you all next time.


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