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Lalo Kalosipani News 8 from Matahau

Dear All,

Kuo u 'ilo'i pe 'oku mou mei bored he ki'i ongoongo mei he Lalo Kalosipani . . . kae tuku pe mu'a ke si'i ongo atu 'ete fakatangi.

'Ikai ha me'a lahi mei hotau 'api masiva, except for the kelevi kapaika mo e stew kapapulu. Tiana makes some REAL mean ones. 'Oku mau mo'ui lelei pe hono kotoa, even litte Saimone, who reminds us of Talaifeti 'a 'Ahotau. This kid is getting bigger and bigger while his mum is getting thinner and skinnier. I guess that's one way to tell her as being a life giver. Of course with little Milika too, she's our little angel . . . I tell you. She's a REAL angel that one, so full of joy, she lightens us all here at the lalo kalosipani.

Like I said, 'oku mau mo'ui lelei pe hono kotoa. Kuo foki atu 'a Seilala mo Siu (husband), and lucky enough they didn't get to bring over the H1N1 Flu from New Zealand. Maliana is doing Ok, enjoying her daily brown bread with porridge and daily family prayer which I get to run away from now and then. Fita is doing alright as well as Poini from his side of the road.

With our plantation, due to our number it's quite a new experience that we have to buy manioke, kumala and talo from the market when we usually reap ours from our own plantation. So that means we don't have a plantation for now, but that's ok anyway coz we can still afford it. The issue is that we've just palau some acres ke ngoue'i . . . much to do with Sr.Clare's request, which I obviously don't have the skills for, but I'm relying on having uncle Napa home soon to take it over. I don't mean to talauhu'i to Patele (athough not to forget he's still my fa'etangata too!) but I think I can do just enough financially but the skills needed for it is the one I lack the most. So Napa, 'ai ke vave ka ke ha'u a!

At home now, we have the special company of Kalolo Mahe's two boys (Uncle Saimone's eldest son) who are visiting Tonga on a school trip from New Zealand in time for the Heilala festival. The boy's name is Phillip Neniti and Punga and I'm pretty sure these boys will enjoy our kelevi kapaika and stew kapapulu coz our meal is non-negotiable! But they are good kids. I'm glad they are not troubling youths like others.

With the world events, 'oku mau kaunga mamahi kotoa he me'afaka'eiki hoku kaungame'a mamae ko Michael Jackson. I really miss the moves, great memories that brought us during those days with the lipsinc comptetition. I'm trying to get my moves right with the moon walk ki he fe'auhi lahi heni in memory of Michael Jackson with a big prize giving out on it: free flight ticket for a week to spend at Puataukanave Hotel in Vava'u, so wish me luck there. About everything else, that's about it from our corner mei he funga Ngalukilo.

Ka mou nofo a.

Tu'a'ofa atu,


ps: Dear Admin, please understand that I'm stealing time from work hours trying to get my news over to, from our office computer, so if you find any errors, I hope you can understand why.

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