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Fiji News Update 8 from 'Analena

Ni sa bula vinaka again to you all famili, ohmy.

I hope this reaches you all in good health (especially those who are mahamahaki like the two in Samoa) and with high spirits. Us here in Suva are ok, except Lotiola. She is sick and unable to go to Mass today. Not so bad, fortunately we have the TV and DVD which was left for us by Stan and family, which keep her company and maintain her positive spirit. Yesterday (Saturday 11/7) The girls and I went to their netball while Sosefo stayed behind and looked after Lotiola by being the movie technician.

Sr. Clare is now back in Tonga. We enjoyed her short stay with us, and we still managed to keep the card trophy here. Before that, I almost gave up on the two sisters ganging up on me in the card game. They showed no mercy. As a pay back, I finally got to outsmart them with my own tricks (which will remain my secret) in order to win in our last rounds of game. While Sr. Clare was here, we were blessed with the visits of priests and nuns. Fr. Donald (Napa's fellow priest) invited Lotiola and Clare for a Lunch at their regional house. He also dropped by to say Hi on his way back from the university. Fr. Suni also came and picked Clare up for dinner on Thursday. When they returned, Fr. Suni asked me to open up this website so that he can take a look at uncle Vo's photos. Fr. Suni was really happy to see that uncle Vo is doing great out there as appeared on the photos.Sr. 'Alisi also came by. She was the one who dropped off Clare at the airport and Lotiola was with them. When Clare was gone, these two came straight home to have another round of card game only ending up with Sr. 'Alisi going back to practise more tricks to succeed Lotiola.

My kids' school had an inter-house sport on Friday. Susitina is a really good runner as she almost beat their grade's champion by 0.1 sec (who is also Suva's champ of their grade). hoko mai pe kia au e! At the end of the day, My kids' house was the champion.

Today we had a Tongan mass at PRS with the Tongan Bishop. He gave us an amazing sermon especially to priests to reach out to their sheep but not just as big boss sitting comfortably behind the desk. (hee 'Unaloto e!). After mass, we had a good meal at the Marist's dining hall. Ane's family was there too. (Ane is the granddaughter of Ane, grandpa 'Ekuasi's youngest sister).

The Pacific Youth Festival is starting from tomorrow onward for a week. USP is hosting this festival by providing accomodation and venues for their meetings etc and even free internet. We are looking forward to watch their cultural evenings every evening. There are about 30 from Tonga.

Well Napa, we're looking forward to see you here. Don't worry, coz we are good judges of who to namu'i and who we don't need to. Indeed, ko 'etau nofo ni ko e hui pe mo e kili.

Well family, that's all I have for now,

'ofa atu to you all, from all of us here in Suva.


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