• Analena Taai

Fiji News Update 9 from 'Analena

Bula to you all,

Welcome to the Fiji islands. Us famili here are doing fine now. Lotiola has finally recovered from her illness after she completed all the tablets the doctor asked her to take. All we are concerned about is not to get in contact with the H1N1 virus which is really serious here in Suva.

Fr. 'Ekuasi is doing fine in Levuka. He rang up last Friday from Nausori. He came there with his rugby team to play on Saturday and then went back. We don't know whether they won or lost but I am pretty sure they won.

We received a bunch of koloa faka-Tonga to sell from Fr.'Ekuasi which they collected from their reunion. Most have been sold already to family members with a good family price. We still have 2 fuatanga here to sell. So if anyone out there is interested, just let us know.

The Pacific Youth Festival is finally over. We went one evening and watched the cultural dances. The Islands' performance was a blast. The Tongan group performed too. It was the show group from our grandma Fatai's home village, 'Ahau. On our way back home, a group of girls who were in the dancing group were just about 5 metres before us and my mum said to me, "We have to slow down so that we don't catch up with them otherwise other people will know that we are Tongans." I guess this tells you all about how we feel about the 'Ahau show. They were still in the stone age! The guy in the langitu'a was 1000volts. Fortunately he didn't lose his throat on that night. Our favourite is the Samoan group. Even though they didn't perform until it was almost midnight, yet they still captured the interest and attention of the audience and rocked the stadium. There were also stalls for each islands' handicrafts. The stall of the Tongans was embarrassing. It was mostly ngatu and little tapa. Hange ha omi mei 'Ahau hono mata! The ngatus were awful and they were selling them on a more expensive price than we would normally sell them here. I really was die my bread (ashamed!) over there. It was a sigh of relief that they've finally gone back to Tonga.

Other than that, what we do the most is watching movies. My mum is selling her tapa to buy DVDs. Our favourite right now is THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, a NZ series and DAMO a Korean series.

That's about all I have for you now.

See you next time.

'Ofa atu, Analena.

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