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'Etivise Won the Miss Heilala Tau'olunga

Quick News everyone:

Just to let you know that last nite our very own 'Etivise Sikei jr won first prize for her performance, therefore she was crowned as the Heilala Miss Junior Tau'olunga for the age group 9 to 12yrs. She also won first prize for the best teunga tau'olunga. And the tulafale guy came second in his category. Her prize is two return flight tickets to Suva plus more.

I have to tell you the little girl was gorgeous. Absolutely fabulous and amazing, 'ikai keu 'ilo pe ko e hoko e ta'ahine kia Salote pe ko Aunty Vise Sr. Toki fakasesele ai pe kau Matahau ia hono kaikaila'i e Ngalukilo at the Heilala Village last nite when the prize was called out. There were 8 contestants in her category including one Folaha from Aussie who came second to Vise. So that was a real for victory for Vise.

Plus . . . you have to give credit to our Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki-'a-Kakau for singing the tau'olunga song. We sang Angela 'Afeaki's song "Ei e", but in a more Tongan sound as you would hear in the faikava if you know what I mean.

Anyway, i guess this is something for our Miss Leiola ke tokanga mai ki he'emau ako tau'olunga mo e kau hiva Fe'ofa'aki-'a-Kakau, he ko 'eni kuo tala 'e Vise e mahino . . .

[Click here for the pictures of Vise jr at the Heilala competition]

Ofa atu to you all,

Hiko si'i

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