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Big Hello from Bundy, Australia

Hello to you all,

Just thought I would come by here and update everyone on what's been going on in our lives here in Bundaberg, Australia. Mum has just finshed her study and is working hard as a day-care nurse at a retirement home called "Riverlee". So not to worry when you guys get older, always know there will be Ms Pelenatita Kaufusi to look after you all hehehe! The younger boys Felise and Patrick here are doing very well for themselves - they recently entered a talent show called "Search for a Star" - they have made the finals which commences this Sunday night, so fingers crossed! In this they put together hip hop dancing with another dance called stomping - if you're not quite sure then I recommend you watch the movie "Stomp the Yard" which is where they got their inspiration from.

Felise and Patrick also did very well in a footy competition which is held every year, where all Catholic schools from Queensland compete for the title. This year the Confraternity Competition was held here in our small town of Bundaberg where they won the competition for their school, Shalom College. The support was tremendous becuase Shalom College is the only Catholic school here in Bundaberg, so I guess you can say they had the whole town behind them and not to mention the loud Tongan community! As for the rest of us everyone is buzy working, Nesi, Tia, Maggy and Seini.

Atu and his family are doing very well. His daughter is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day. lolz:) I guess you can say she takes after her namsake, Mum - her loud laugh and checky ways!!! The Queensland Cowboys (Atu's team) are doing okay but is still only early for them to come back and take out the title for the season! The Cowboys have lost their last two games and are comming 8th in the competition right now but there are still 6 rounds to determine whether the Cowboys can bring home the trophy!!! Atu and his family sends their regards to all of you and hopes everyone continues to pray for his family and his team.

Do take care and much love to you all from us all here Down Under!

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