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Hello again everyone, I hope this finds you all well.

I know it's been exciting for us families little Vise's achievement, and I have to say that even our little village was very excited. That night of the competition in the village on midnight was indeed a noisy one as you can hear the cheering from neighbours, and the boys in lotokolo mo e midnight float of Vise's return from Nuku'alofa with her supporters, ko e fo'i po'uli longoa'a mo'oni ia he fiefia 'a e taha kotoa.

She was again invited to perform at the Dateline Hotel last Saturday ki he cocktail party 'a e Heilala Beauty Pageant. So, Vise mo e Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki'akakau were again invited but being told by the Heilala organisers to attend Dateline Hotel by 6pm, we were surprised turning up at the venue to find that the program hasn't even started yet. Even much to our boys' amazement was getting to take part in the cocktail drinking as it started early at 7pm. Ta ko e 'oku kei tuai e taimi ia ke fai ai e tau'olunga, ne toki hanga atu e Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki'akakau ia 'o inu'i e ki'i cocktail. Or should I say, na'a nau toki HIHILOKU'I 'enautolu e inu cocktail ko 'ene ma'u ta'etotongi e. It was somewhat EMBARASSING personally for me, and I'm sure 'Ipeni would share the same feelings coz he told me kuo 'osi mate hono ma ia 'o'ona, he anga'i faka'uta 'a e tamaiki he'enau 'ohofi e laulau inu tiliva 'a e kau waiter, hange ko e kanau ka kee ai. Some just stood at the bar inu hohoko pe ai pea u fakaongoongo pe ha taki ha tamasi'i ki tu'a 'e he security. Ko e pango lahi ko e Kalapu's president (Stanley) and the Angi (Siua Nancy) as well as our Kalapu elders who were leading the boys with the drinking which ensured that the singing at Vise's tau'olunga was flat, since they were all under the influence of alcohol. Vise again did her best in spite of the choir's performance that night and the crowd who were Tonga's richest and most important people (VIPs) were somewhat impressed not only at little Vise, but also at the Kalapu's ability as well to transform the rhythm of the song "Ei e" by Angela Afeaki into the sound of Tongan folk music as seen by their frequent applause throughout the tau'olunga. However, I have to admit, ko e kalasi ia ne 'oho hake he hiva, mo e 'ikai a'u e le'o, na'e fu'u 'ilonga pe ia.

On the other hand, I have to say ko e fakahisitolia ia ki he tamaiki he Kalapu, as being their first time to be at the Dateline Hotel and be part of a special occasion as the Heilala Festival Cocktail Party. After all the time of inukava, finally they get to drink beer and some real RED WINE. Unfortunately one of our boys (a Houma import named Tu'aleka) got too much wine on his head that he even tried diving into the hotel's swimming pool to cool himself up. One other lucky fella was excited when getting on the bus, telling us that he kissed one of the beauty pageant's hand while taking photos, he was kind of going nuts telling it but I'm not surprised. [Click here to see a picture of Vise Sii with the drinking boys].

Of course on Saturday night there were other great performances such as Angela Afeaki, a tau'olunga by the Heilala 2008 Beauty Queen, and the Lapaha Floorshow dance which was just as magnificent a performance you guys would ever hope to watch. I caught up with a girlfriend from the Lapaha group 'o nau talamai 'enau ngalivale'ia hono 'ohofi holo 'e he tamaiki Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki'akakau 'a e kau Beauty Contestants while taking photos coz if you can imagine, 'a 'enau 'oho atu ki he faita mo e ta'ahine ko e, pea toe lova hake ke faita mo e ta'ahine ko e. Just like their racing to grabs the drinks mei he laulauinu 'a e kau waiter. She said they were wondering how come the boys were acting that way, they thought ko ha kau 'Eua nai, until she saw me with the boys, pea toe puna ai pe 'enau kata he'enau 'ilo totonu e feitu'u tokua 'oku nau ha'u mei ai. Ko e malo pe ne 'ikai ke tau fanongo ha talanoa ne fai 'eha tamasi'i ha pango, tukukehe 'a e mei sesele 'a e tamasi'i 'e taha he'ene fo'i 'uma pe he nima e ta'ahine filimisi while taking group photos.

Anyway, after Vise's performance we took some pictures and I'll try to upload them asap though I can't guarantee you when. But lolotonga 'emau taking photos of Vise with families and the kalapu Fe'ofa'aki, ta ko e kuo 'alu 'a 'Ipeni ia and five other boys 'o lohiaki'i 'a Samuela Lamaika Moala (busdriver) that they are the only ones left at the hotel, so the bus left not knowing the whole lot of the rest of us 'oku kei fai holo hono tuli'i ia e ngaahi me'afaita, the swimming pool mo e laulauinu 'a e waiter, including the kalapu president and the Angi. Kaikehe, ko e malo pe 'enau toki a'u mo'ui ange ki Matahau the next day, lucky for us we had our own transport.

But this Saturday 'oku fakahoko ai e float, which includes one for Vise, since she won Miss Pre-teen Tau'olunga for age group 9-12yrs old. Again, I got to say it's gonna be another crazy day for our people here in Matahau who'll be with Vise on that float this coming Saturday in Nuku'alofa. Kai ia 'a Matahau!

Until then . . . stay tuned!

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga mei he Lalo Kalosipani News

Bye bye and 'Ofa atu.

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