• Clare Rea

Greetings from Japan

Konnichiwa everyone,

WOW, this site is something huh, so much news to catch up on.

Congrats to Toni and Keala and to Fatai and `Ofa, may your lives together be blessed and full of joy, malo malo.

I`m sitting at the International airport in Narita, Tokyo, Japan. My 2 years in the land of the rising sun are now over and I will be travelling around Asia for the next month before heading home in time for Spring in New Zealand. Mele arrived in Japan last week all the way from Australia. She has been here a week and was able to stay with me in my small town in the north of Japan for my last week here. I think she`s having a good time hehe. We are heading to Taiwan in 2 hours with another friend for a week before she flies back to Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy.

Japan is an awesome country if any of you were wanting to go somewhere different, highly recommended

Hope everyone is happy and healthy,

Much love to you all,


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