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Lalo Kalosipani News 11

Dear All,

Malo mu'a ho'omou laumalie.

'Oku mau mo'ui lelei pe hono kotoa. Aunty Maliana is keeping well with her daily rosaries. Today she's visiting for her monthly medical checkup and she's well and fine. So is Tiana and our two pupils from the Lalo Kalosipani Kindergarden, Milika & Saimone who are grow handsome and smarter day by day. It's exciting to see how our little angels grow. I'm sure you'd all agree.

Poini is doing well, i guess. We're happy enough he's generous to put up our new DigiTV at home with 20channels of all kind, from media, to discovery to geography to music to movie to cartoon network, 24/7. I guess what's left now is keeping up with the electricity bill so we can enjoy the entertainment. Fita is doing well too. She played a huge role as our contact person he vaha'a 'o e Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki'akakau mo e Miss Leiola (Paea Williams) who successfully turns out to be the new Miss Heilala Queen.

While finishing off with the Heilala festival, we did make a good finish with the Heilala Float Parade last Saturday with ViseJr as Miss Pre-Teen Tau'olunga. I put up some pictures on my bebo since i had problem uploading the photos on our "". I hope we could see more of this experience next year, or perhaps better. We're all proud here of ViseJr. If it wasn't for her, our own local boys wouldn't even had the pleasure of taking part at the Heilala Cocktail party 'i Dateline Hotel. They still talk of it, a once in a lifetime treat. As for our Miss Heilala Queen, Paea Williams, she's becoming a common name to our boys. When receiving the news that she's being crowned as Miss Heilala 2009-2010, one of our boys (Taukava - son of Fetuani Pousini) lohiaki'i e kau faikava Kalapu Fe'ofa'aki'akakau that Paea would make a last visit ke fakamalo'ia'i e Kalapu he hiva he'ene tau'olunga (though she came 3rd) pea mo toe foaki mai tokua e silini as gift ma'ae Kalapu and that most of our boys kau ai e matu'a hange ko e ongo tautehina (Siua'Eteaki & LisiateManu) believe it to be true. They were turning up ki he faikava before 4pm last Saturday after the float parade, mo e valama'a, fana kaloni mo e ma'u ta'ovala lelei only to find out that it was all a lie. The boys thought it to be Fifita's word, but realised it was just Taukava. Ko e me'amalie 'ene pulia (Taukava) he taimi ko ia, he na'e mei vevela ka lahilahi. But for those who turn up that Saturday to await Paea's visit, i don't know pe ko 'enau fie tou'a kia Paea pe ko e tali'i e silini tokua 'e foaki 'e Paea. It's typically just another old Matahau school.

On the other hand with the tragic even 'o e ngoto 'a e vaka MV Ashika near the coast of Ha'apai. Ko e vaka fo'ou eni na'e 'omai mei Fisi 'o fetongi 'aki 'a e MV Olovaha 'a ia kuo fuoloa hono fakapekia (Olovaha). It's a bit of tragedy that some are still lost at the moment. This took place close to midnight last night at our local time. I wouldn't know what really cause the accident, but we'll find out soon enough. Perhaps you could catch more from our Tongan website. It's all of a sudden all radio stations here are playing christian music with a sad sad mood that is just covering the island kingdom.

With our ngoue, it's quite a struggle, as i find it hard ke ma'u ha kau'i manioke ke to. Kuo 'osi maau e palau 'o e konga kelekele ke to ai, but the supply of of kau'i manioke here is low compared to the demand, that i find myself in an unfortunate state ke ma'u ha kau'i manioke. But i'm still trying and trying hard ke ma'u ha kau'i manioke ke fai mo to, coz it'll be too wait to wait for Napa, though it would be good that he comes to continue on with it.

However 'oku mau mo'ui lelei pe hono kotoa again. Kei hokohoko atu ai pe hono kuki 'e Tiana 'emau stewkapapulu 'o fetongitongi pe mo e kelevi kapapulu . . . ko e mo'oni atu 'ene ifo.

Anyway, gotta run pea mou tauhi lelei.

Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa

Mei he Lalo Kalosipani

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga

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