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Despite the tragic incident which engulfing the saddened hearts of every Tongans, yet still greeting you all with great hope that all is well from your corner of this globe.

There's nothing much to be told here except for two things that happened here:

First, last Thursday we were invited by Ane and her family to a dinner at their house celebrating their son's first birthday. Since Ane's household is still in mourning due to the passing away of her maternal grandmother, the evening was just simple with only 3 families. The third family was Sefo's (Ane's husband) brother's family. The food was plentiful despite the small number concluded with delicious dessert, most of all we took home plenty of food for the next few days.

Secondly, Fr. Napa had finally made it to Suva on Wedesday. He arrived Fiji on Tuesday and went straight to Ba. Even though it takes about 6 hours drive from Ba to Suva, he still managed to come all the way just to see us. When I went to collect my kids after school yesterday, they told me that we have to wait for Napa. We waited for half an hour and I told them that we have to start walking back home. My kids resisted telling me that if we won't wait for Napa, then we will miss the luck. When Napa came, the kids were right. He gave us a great treat, taking us to the Pizza Hut for some tasty Hawaiian, King and Chicken Pizza. We enjoyed these with our juice (rather than pure healthy water that we normally have) while the men enjoyed their cups of wine. We finished off at McDonald for a delicious milkshake. It was definitely a lucky day for my kids.

Napa is leaving for Ba today and will be flying to Tonga next Tuesday. So with this, I would like to extend our humble thanks to Napa for taking his time to come all the way to Suva just to see us. Thank you for remembering us.

As Napa will be heading to Matahau next week, I would like to say, "Good Luck to you Matahau people".

That's all for now famili,

see you next time.

from us here in Fiji.

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