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About our 'Poll & Docs' Page

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that we've added two new webpages to our website, one called POLL and the other called DOCS. The "Poll" page is simply to conduct a poll over issues relevant to our family website - the current one is over the tragic sinking of the ferry in Tonga. And we'll be putting up regularly new poll questions on that "Poll" page to seek your opinion on the issue of the day - don't forget to go there and cast your vote!

The DOCS page is intended to be a page where we can post up documents in Word, PDF or perhaps even a webpage that might be of interest to the rest of our family members. We think that things like the Reunion programm or Wedding Invitations can easily be posted up there for everyone to download and read on their computers. But here is the thing: if you have a document (in Word or PDF) that you think should be made available to the rest of the family to read (essays, papers, assignments are also allowed!), all you need to do is to send it to us at our email address ( and we'll post it up for you. Moreover, if you come across a webpage on the internet that you think might be an interesting read for the rest of us, all you need to do is to email us the link to that webpage or give us enough info to find it and we'll also post it up for you. For security reasons, only the Admin Team can put up your documents on our DOCS page which we hope you can all understand. If needed be, we can in the future restrict our DOCS page only to members but for the moment, we leave it open for anyone to visit and download any document posted there.

The addition of these two new pages has meant that our MEMBERS page is no longer visible. Not to worry! You can always find our "Members" page by clicking on your profile's name or photo and at your profile page, just click on the link "Browse All Members" to access the "Members" page.

Ofaatu to you all,

Your Admin Team

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