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  • Analena Taai

Fiji News from 'Ana in Suva

Hello everyone (long time no see!),

Despite the unfortunate tragic incident which sadly engulfed the hearts and minds of every Tongan in the island and abroad, I still greet you all with great hope that all is well from your corner of this globe.

There's nothing much to share with you this time except for two things:

First of all, Last Thursday we were fortunate to be invited by Ane and Sefo for their son Sosefo Falekoula Mailangi's first birthday. Due to the mourning still of Ane's household for the loss of her maternal grandmother, the birthday party was very simple consisting of only 3 families. The other was the family of Sefo's brother. The food was plentiful and tasty that we had to take our chance bringing home those food for dinner instead of our beloved rice and noodles. At the end, there was a lot for us to take home for the following days.

Secondly, Fr. Napa finally made it to Fiji last Tuesday. He went straight to Ba and took his time to travel for six hours from Ba to Suva to see us on Wednesday. When I went to collect my kids after school on Wednesday, they told me that we had to wait for Napa. We waited for half an hour but yet Napa didn't arrive. I told my kids that we had to start walking home. They were frowning and resisted telling me that if we'll leave without Napa we would lose our luck. Napa finally arrived just as we started to walk home. Just as the kids had predicted, Napa gave us a great treat at the Pizza King with Hawaiian, Chicken and King Pizza. We enjoyed our dinner with our juice, while Napa and Lika enjoyed their wines. We concluded our evening at the McDonald for our dessert and cappuccino. So I would like to extend our humble thanks to Fr Napa for taking your time to come all the way from Ba just to see us. Malo e 'ofa and thank you for remembering us. Fr Napa returned to Ba on Thursday and will be flying to Tonga next Tuesday. Napa's arrival in Tonga will be like a judge entering his court chamber. So Matahau, be prepared!

To conclude, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to Seno and his family for the unfortunate yet unpredicted incident in which his wife Uini was involved. Our prayers are going out to them at this time and pray that Uini is filled with courage to face and accept the consequences of what had happened.

I think that's all for now, and see you all later.

'Ofa atu from us all here in Fiji,


(I'm crossing my fingers for this one to be posted)

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