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Lalo Kalosipani News 11

Dear famili,

Malo ho'omou lelei.

It's been a sad sad time for us here in the Island Kingdom. By now I'm sure you've heard of the tragic event of the Princess Ashika which sunk near the coast of Ha'apai, a few days back. I have to assure you all famili, that we don't have any relatives so far being involved in this tragic event, but still you can't deny the sense of great loss and shock that has fallen upon all of us Tongans. I do know some friends as well as relatives of our relatives.

Moreover to that is the tragic accident that had Seno's wife (Uini) run over a male pedestrian in the village of Fatai last week on Tuesday, and which took the young man's life, being pronounced dead on the spot. It's just another mere accident that you don't see coming, which can happen to any of us. Ka 'oku mo'ui lelei pe 'a Uini, tuku kehe ange 'a e hoha'a hono 'atamai ki he me'a na'e hoko. Ko Seno 'oku foki mai he uike ni mei Nu'usila, hopefully to support Uini. Seno went to NZ ke feinga ha faito'o ki he lavea na'e hoko ki ai he'ene fo'i to he fu'u mango.

Anyway, ko Maliana 'oku lolotonga puke. It's been over a week 'ene puke, but glad enough to have Sr.Clare at home to look after her. The rest of us 'oku mau sai pe. Sorry I can't talk for long, as work hours have already gone by, so that means I gotta get out of this office.

Ka 'oku ou 'ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu kotoa.

Mei he Lalo Kalosipani News,

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga jr

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