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Did you know - some tips for you!

Hello Famili:

Here's your admin team once again. Our ever faithful webmaster has suggested that we inform you guys about a few tricks that you can make use of here at just in case you're not yet aware:

1. Upload your own video directly into

Most of our videos so far have been embedded from other websites especially YouTube. But did you know that you can now upload your video clip directly into from your computer or camcorder? Just go to "Videos", click on "Add Video", then click on "Upload", follow the instructions and then click "Submit". We only ask that you limit the length of your video to no more than 5 minutes. This could be useful for uploading a clip from your family or perhaps a video clip of you extending best wishes for weddings, birthdays, etc in the family...try it!

2. Insert hyperlink into your message to link to a page or photo anywhere online:

To insert such a link into your message, copy first the URL or web address (always starts with http) of the webpage to which you want to make the link. Then come back here to your message and highlight the line on your message you want to make into a link. Then click on the button here that says "Insert Link" and then a script window will appear asking for the URL (web address) of the webpage (if you use Internet Explorer, you will have to do this twice because in the first time you'll have to allow for pop ups). Paste the URL that you have copied onto the script window and then click OK. You will then see that your hyperlink is made. Readers will click on it and be taken to the webpage you want them to go to anywhere on the internet, like THIS ONE.

3. Commenting on a message posted here:

Did you know that as you leave a comment on a message posted here on our "Post a Message" page, you're allowing yourself to be informed via email of every other comment made on the same message by other members of our website? It's another incentive to post a comment after you read!

4. Our News Ticker:

Did you know that our "News Ticker" on the homepage (the one that types as you read) informs you of the latest updates, additions and changes to our website? So that it may be best to pause there for a few seconds to check where you have to go to find the latest on our website. Our News Ticker is a brand new javascript, modeled on the BBC News Ticker although ours by comparison is way better. lol! (winking at our webmaster).

5. Favicon:

Finally, we have installed our very own FAVICON, short for "favourite icon" which a website can have instead of the after-a-while-boring Internet Explorer e icon which shows at the top of any webpage at the address bar (Yahoo's favicon is a Y in red, Facebook's favicon is a white F against a blue background, etc). A website's favicon also shows up when you bookmark that website (you can try that with ours too). Those of you using Firefox should have no problem seeing our own favicon but for you guys using Internet Explorer, you will need to empty your cache to be able to see our favicon. You can empty your cache by clicking on "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Browsing History" and then click "Delete". Restart your browser and you should see it. Don't forget you can always contact us for any problem by replying here or via email and there are more hints available HERE.

Ofa atu to you all,

Your admin team

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