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  • Analena Taai

News from the Viti clan - Fiji Islands

Hello everyone,

I know that it is long time no see aye! Well I've been busy trying to catch up with Lotiola's Korean movies.

Us here in Suva are fine. Since Fr. 'Ekuasi had shared with you the news of Lotiola and the kids' trip to Cawaci (Levuka), I am left with almost nothing else to share. The kids really enjoyed Cawaci. They said that everyone in Levuka knows Fr. 'Ekuasi. I guess that explains a lot about Fr. 'Ekuasi's work in Levuka. The kids and Lotiola's trip to Cawaci was sponsored by the Cawaci Community (Malo 'aupito Patele 'Ekuasi!)

Last week was the Hibiscus Week, and we took the kids one evening to the showcase to ride the ferris wheel and many others. This trip was sponsored by Fale'aisi. (Thank you Fale'aisi). Without this sponsor we would not be able to make it there.

Right now, we are preparing for the University's Open Day. And our Tongan Students Association is being blessed to have Lotiola here with us to sew our teunga, especially the ladies. So right now, Lotiola has been working on the sewing machine since Monday, sewing 57 Puletaha for the girls and 41 has been done already. For the Open Day, each cultural group has to perform an item. With our Tongan items, especially the ma'ulu'ulu, a descendant of grandma Fatai is the punake. Just want to beat 'Ekuasi's punake at Cawaci

Well, that's all from us here in Fiji for now.

'Ofa atu to you all from Fiji,


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