• Lana David

We are the champions!

I hope that all the families around the globe are well and happy.

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day here in Australia and we had a good celebration.

The Grand Final result we WON! The final score was 16 - 10. It was a very hard game and the weather wasn't helping at all. The sun was too hot and our team nearly gave up. Lucky I was there and I screamed hard out at them to fight back and they did. Rimo has been playing really hard. He is very happy and looking forward to play again next year. He was awarded the most improved player of the year. I'm so proud of him.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

I talked to the family in Samoa yesterday and all is good over their side and aunt Luisa is looking forward to her trip to Rome and that she will be coming my way stay for 4 days and then go to Hong Kong and then Rome.

That is it from us here in Sydney.

Tofa Soifua.

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