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Lalo Kalosipani News 13 from Hiko jr

Dear All,

I'm taking the chance since my boss is off for a meeting. I hope she won't be back in a while so that I can finish this for you.

'Oku mau mo'ui lelei pe. Neongo e ki'i momoko 'oku to he funga e fonua, ka 'oku fai pe hono matu'uaki. Kataki atu pe he fuoloa e puli . . . it has been busy lately for me at work due to financial year ending preparations.

But lately there hasn't been much going on at home except that we have been making the best use of uncle Napa in our plantation 'i he manioke 'i liku, mo e toutu'u. He has been on it everyday except Sunday of course. At home the building missed him so much, now that he gets to fix all that needed to be fixed, 'a e tutulu he fale, the lights, the water pump, almost everything. Ko e toe pe eni homau 'api 'i loto kolo ke a'u atu ki ai 'o vakai'i mo e tutulu ai. Though we do have some financial problems in funding the repairs and maintenance, ka ko e ha pe me'a 'e ngata ai, pea ko ia pe. And yes, he did bring the cricket back to our village playground 'i he loto 'api 'o Halai (though I've never joined them in the game) but it has attracted almost every kid and youth, both boys and girls to the game. Ka kou tui ko 'ene puli pe siana, ko e puli ai pe ia mo e va'inga.

Lately for me, I have been busy checking the kalapu kava-Tonga in search (and still searching) of what they called the 'toume'. It hasn't been successful although the company is quite enjoyable, not to mention the singing. We're always happy to show off 'a e ngaahi hiva 'a e Ngalukilo he ngaahi feohi'anga ni, though one little bit we miss 'i hemau kau hiva is cousin Manoa's voice. I always think of his voice as a violin, ko e manifi atu hono helehele'i 'i 'olunga. It's that frustrating for us when we get to compete he hiva he kalapu, and we don't have that luxury anymore. But I'm trying now ke fusifusi'i hoku le'o ke a'u ki ai. However, I know some of you may not be interested in me talking about the kalapu kavatonga, but hey . . . what else do you want me to put down here huh? If not, I could tell you that the kau-'a-tanetane has been growing well, ready and waiting for any of you to visit the Lalo Kalosipani.

Also ke tala atu homau 'ofa kia Manoa Sr on his 40th birthday yesterday (27th Sept '09). Big Maliana reminded me last week but I forgot (sorry for that), and I even lied to her that I already put this down last Friday so do make her happy. I hope you guys won't tell her I lied. Anyway, so long for now and farewell . . . until then.

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga,

Lalo Kalosipani News


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