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Dear Famili,

'Oku mou fefe hake? Ko kimautolu eni 'i he lalo kalosipani 'oku mau sai pe. 'Oku mau mo'ui lelei pe hono kotoa, except for little Saimone who's been having the flu lately. Ki'i fuoloa mai e fetakai e tamasi'i mo e puke. Twice we went out late night to the hospital pea ko e vai panatolo ai pe . . . hange ko e lau . . ko e sipiiiii ai pe. We continue to look over him and how he gets on from now on.

At home, it's only a few days away and Fr.Napa will be leaving us. It's sad as it comes near. We have been fortunate to have him visit our lalo kalosipani. Even if the house did speak, it would say the same thing. We're all glad that he did as much as he could to fix every bits and pieces that needed to be fixed at the house pea mo 'uta foki, since we don't have the luxury to pay for it. Even our ngoto'umu has been resettled again with fresh new look. Ko e me'a pe . . . 'e maau e ngoto'umu ia kae 'ikai ha taha ia ke ne faka'aonga'i, since we usually kai haka these days due to our small numbers at home.

Latey as you are all aware of, 'oku ou fiefia ke u ma'u e faingamalie ko 'eni ketau toe fetaulaki ai. The reason being - we were that close to being hit by last week's tsunami which only got to run over Niuatoputapu, taking 9 lives on the way and injuring 4 others. 'Oku ou mate he 'ofa ki he motu ni, he na'a ku 'i ai tonu lolotonga 'eku ako ai he ta'u 1998. And for us, who were there, like Rodyney Sikei and his family, we know those whose lives were lost. And thus counting our blessing that the tsunami didn't get to reach the main island Tongatapu. Who knows, perhaps next time could be our turn and we'll be gone then. There's VERY LITTLE possibility of escaping such catastrophe in this island kingdom, since even up to now, we haven't heard any planning by our government for a timely warning if a tsunami hits again. Like what had just happened to the two Samoan islands and Niuatoputapu, we were late to be informed, lucky enough it didn't reach Tongatapu. But I can't imagine if such drama could happen at night time when people are sleeping. Perhaps on the bright side, it would be a peaceful death to rest and never wake up. Lately it is strange how the global climate turns out these days. As food for thought, we should make the best of the time we have to enjoy it to the fullest.

So again, the word of advice is: appreciate your family and what you have while you can.

'Ofa lahi atu mo e hufaki.

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga

Lalo Kalosipani News

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