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My Latest Trip to New Zealand

Hey everyone,

Well just to let you know I just arrived back in Brisbane from being in New Zealand for 5 days. The reason I went over was for Michael Veukiso's Wedding (Kaitu'u and Vaisioa's son). The wedding was beautiful as you can see in some of the pictures I posted up - click here to see them. It was good to catch up with the family again. The sad thing is that I didn't get time to visit all the families. My visit went very fast.

Sela and Mike are doing well and happy, both busy with work. Mum and Dad are also well, dad is also busy with work and meetings. Mum is always busy with requests hehe! Faite is fine and always active and looking after our cat 'Kitty'. Clare has finished her 2 year contract in Japan. It was good to go to Japan to see her and to see what she experienced. She is currently back at home but will be soon joining me here in Australia. Etuate, 'Akata and the kids are doing well. I had the chance to talk with Etu over the phone. He says the kids are growing up fast. They are enjoying their new place. I was hoping to visit them before I left but ran out of time.

Well folks, that's my news for now. I'm doing good here in Brisbane, just busy working and planning where to go next hehe! Take care and ofa atu.


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