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Short News from 'Analena in Fiji

Ni sa bula vinaka to you all,

I think with all the tragedies that happened in parts of our home country and neighbouring countries which took the lives of so many, we are still thankful to God Almighty that everyone in our family clan is still safe and sound. There had been several tsunami warnings in the past, but most of us ignored it, fortunately they never happened. The Tonga-Samoa devastating tsunami has taught us all a very important lesson.

My kids were having their zone sport last Thursday at the National Stadium here in Suva. We were all there when the last tsunami warning was announced. This time, everyone wasted no time in trying to make their way to the nearest high ground. When we got onto the Laucala main road nearby, it was already packed with people heading in the same direction. I knew that going up hill will be a little challenge for my mum, so I tried stopping a taxi, but no luck, cos every taxi is occupied or taxi drivers were trying to find their families. So my mum had to make several stops on our way to 'Api-Tonga. While we were at 'Api-Tonga, I rang up Fr. 'Ekuasi after the tsunami warning was cancelled, and he told me that their school ran to two nearby mountains, with the boys in one and the girls in the other mountain. He also told me that they are going to head to the mountains again as they were told by many parents in their area that another Tsunami warning has been alerted for 3pm, so I decided that may be we had to remain at 'Api-Tonga in case this warning was true. I rang up Fr. 'Ekuasi again after half an hour to confirm this, and he told me that it was a false alarm. So I guess, the radio kerosene is still functioning very well in Cawaci during this civilized and hi-tech era :D:D:ohmy:.

USP promptly stopped every class and everyone racing their way to the higher ground on the campus. University students exchanged stories of seeing their lecturers nervously leaving their offices and lecture rooms. Ane and her family were in hiding at Namadi Heights in another part of Suva.

Fr. Felisiano is now here in Fiji for a month before leaving for Pakistan continuing his mission there. For the time being, he is the acting Parish Priest of Raiwaqa, a neighbourhood Parish to us. On Saturday, he came and picked us up, and gave us a good treat at Village 6 Cinema. We ended up at a Hindi movie which we enjoyed very much except Sefo who was busy cleaning the floor of Cinema 4. After that, we went for a lunch at the Morris Hedstrom Mall which was just opened last year. Malo 'aupito Fr. Felisiano.The kids and I enjoyed it very much.

That's all the news I have for you all at this time. And hope all of you are in good health. 'Ofa atu to you ALL from us here in the Isles of Fiji.


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