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Samoa Tala Fou (2nd Update)

Talofa Lava and greetings from Samoa once again.

Malo ho'omou mo'ui famili pea malo pea moe kei 'ofa 'ae 'Otua 'o tauhi mai 'e tau mo'ui neonog aipe e vamama'o 'etau nofo. Tau fakafeta'i pe koe'uhi koe mo'ui 'oku tau kei ma'u noengo e ngaahi fakatamaki kuo hokosia.

I am very well in Samoa. We've just finished the final exams for our senior classes and now I am having a headache marking the exams. We have two more weeks then the public exams begin. Time flies and I am now looking forward to the holidays. The victims of the tsunamis have received generous donations from Samoans everywhere. Even locally, houses are slowly rebuilt by the churches and all people of good will. The support is tremendous. However, the victims are still traumatised. Every sound of a plane, a siren or even a small wave - they started to cry and run. It will take time obviously but they are coping very well.

There has been tsunami warnings over the past weeks. I don't run - the people run to where I am. I am quite safe. I am still looking after Fr. 'Unaloto's parish. He is in Wellington to meet his classmate, Fr. Mateo Kivalu. He has been to Fr. Sateki Raas, also his classmate. Tu'umalie e pea teu 'alu foki 'o tali ia 'i mala'e vakapuna tatau ai pe pe ko e taimi ako pe 'ikai.

Thanks 'Ana for the news from Fiji and hope the tafolas resume their athletic competition. Thanks Hiko for the news from home. Tama malohi koe he ta'utu kae 'ikai inu. Don't just drink. For heaven's sake, talk!

'Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu kotoa mo e lotu vaivai 'oku fai,

Fr Hiko SM

(Fr. 'Unaloto is still in New Zealand)

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