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Greetings from Fatai & 'Ofa Nau

Hello Dear Family,

I just want to say hello on behalf of my new family. We are so happy to see how everyone's doing on the family website and are very impressed with the new website.

We're so grateful to all of you for your prayers and support. It helped so much as we felt the wonderful spirit of love from family and friends throughout the wedding festivities. Even if you weren't present, you were there with us in spirit. Thank you!

Just a little update on us: We're living on our own here in Utah....still!:) My husband is in school full-time as a communications major. Working on the school's TV production team. It's been fun watching him work. I'm taking a break this semester. (I've outdone myself this past summer working part time, school fulltime, and on top of that... wedding plans, and side projects I was involved with. Fun Stuff!!!) Since the wedding, I've been winding down and relaxing!!! and now I can have time to catch up with everyone and on other things I've been neglecting for so long.... that is until I go back to school in January. I want to get as much school done before our family starts to grow: wink.

I'm so happy to see everyone in here and know that you all are okay. It's been a long time since I've seen any of you family there on the islands. We're planning for the reunion in 2011. How exciting!

We love you all,

Fatai Tavo-Nau

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