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Our First Milestone: 10,000 Visits!

Malo e Lelei to all you Families of Fatai & Ekuasi Tavo from the city of Matahau!

Not sure whether you've noticed but we have reached our first milestone as a family website. Since Fataiekuasi.com was first launched on 12 March 2009 (about 7 months ago), we've now had more than 10,000 visits and still counting of course! So, heartfelt congratulations to you all!

It's also time to acknowledge the great service to our website of our 8 official reporters as well as other family members who generously share their photos, videos and stories with the rest of us here. We do not forget also the efficient and up to the minute administrative skills of our admin team. While we appreciate the work of our reporters, we sure all want to say only one thing to them: Keep it up guys!

One last word though: If you would like to be an Official Reporter of our website from your part of the world, all you have to do is to let us know by replying to this post or email us at admin@fataiekuasi.com. Otherwise, feel free to share your stories (click "Post a Message"), photos (click "Photos"), videos (click "Videos") with the rest of the families here, even if it's just to tell us that you're still alive from wherever you are! As that wise Monalisa used to say, "Life's too short for any nonsense!" So let's make the most of the little time we have to share the love of our grandparents with our loved ones there at home and here at Fataiekuasi.com, our little home on the web!

Much ofas to you all,

Your Admin Team

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